Editorial: Happy New Year

Hello, friend.

Happy New Year.

In Nov 2020, I purchased this domain for the purpose of fighting Writer’s Block. My aim was to write and publish on a regular basis – through repetition and practice, honing my writing and research.

It’s been almost 14 months. Since then I’ve published 31 articles. Combined word count: just over 35,000. I would say it’s been a journey, but this is really only the beginning.

The last few weeks I took a much-needed break to recharge, recuperate, reprieve. But I’m back – and if you’re reading this, I’m glad you are, too.

Moving forward the blog will maintain the current bi-monthly publishing cycle. I’m also in the process of fleshing out some ideas for the future direction of content.

Stay tuned but more importantly, stay safe.

Published by Tech Neck Nick

I'm a cybersecurity major postgrad student from Sydney, Australia. Support my fight against Writer's Block.

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